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Fixtures 2014/15

Team Date Opponents Venue Competition
1st Team 29/11/2014 Stonewall Away League
U16 30/11/2014 Kensington Dragons A Home League
U15A 30/11/2014 Hanwell Town A Home League
U15B 30/11/2014 AGV A Away League
U14A 30/11/2014 Hanwell Town Away League
U14B 30/11/2014 Heathrow Club Home League
U13A 30/11/2014 Harrow St Marys A Home League
U13B 30/11/2014 Kodak A Away League
U12A 30/11/2014 Parkfield A Home League
U12B 30/11/2014 Parkfield B Home League
U11A 30/11/2014 Hampstead A Home League
U11B 30/11/2014 Hillingdon A Away League
U10A 30/11/2014 Bessingby Park Rangers A Away League
U10B 30/11/2014 Wembley Home League

Results 2014/15

Team Date Opponents Score Result
1st Team 22/11/2014 AFC Hillgate p-p
U16 23/11/2014 Heathrow Club p-p
U15A 23/11/2014 Kodak 8-0 Win
U15B 23/11/2014 St Josephs A 3-4 Loss
U14A 23/11/2014 Hanwell Town p-p
U14B 23/11/2014 Alpha & Omega p-p
U13A 23/11/2014 Greenford Celtic 16-1 Win
U13B 23/11/2014 Parkfield A p-p
U12A 23/11/2014 Actual Soccer A p-p
U12B 23/11/2014 Justy Sports p-p
U11A 23/11/2014 Hanwell Town A p-p
U11B 23/11/2014 Parkfield C p-p
U10A 23/11/2014 Southall A p-p
U10B 23/11/2014 Magix 1-5 Loss

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