AFCW club chairman/co-founder MJ has been a community activist for the best part of 2 decades. His knowledge transcends across years of experience working with various organisations:

With AFC Wembley as with any other grassroots club up and down the country there continues to be a huge demand for football. Every year we have more kids wanting to play here, more clubs seem to be joining the leagues and more teams growing

The powers that be in the world of football in this country need to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’. The lack of quality facilities for example has been talked about for years and we get notifications of a new 3G pitch being opened every so often but they are few and far between. They are also over priced and sometimes extortionately so. There needs to come a point when the grassroots community needs to say enough is enough and unite in making sure that this game we all love so much can continue providing so much fun and progression for many more young people. If not we are in danger of more and more dedicated people ‘throwing the towel in’ and giving up.

Grassroots clubs up and down the country are embedded into their local communities and also  play a pivotal role in contributing to tackling many issues. This is often the forgotten part of football. Coaches act as mentors, social workers, youth workers and teachers and this should be celebrated, however, it is getting harder for all this work to continue as the lure of paid work is too much for the new generation of coaches to turn away from. In essence it is getting more and more difficult for the traditions of the grassroots game to carry on as long as those at the top level of football and government continue to turn a blind eye to the grassroots game.

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