AFC Wembley First Team are through to the next round of the Middlesex Intermediate Cup after beating Brentham FC 3-2. 

AFCW were off to a slow start by going 2-0 down and conceding a missed penalty in the first half.

Brentham FC continued their high pressing and possession play into the second half, which also saw AFCW miss various opportunities to close the gap.

Ashley Tyler grabbed AFCW’s first goal of the game with a composed finish. Shortly after, Brentham FC conceded a penalty which saw Ashley Tyler grab Wembley’s equaliser and his second of the game.

As the game drew to a close, a tactical substitution by manager Michael Edghill saw the introduction of Richard Jordon which proved to be the games decider. His intensity opened up the game in AFCW’s favour which led his team to grab a late winner from a well placed finish by Miles Casimir-West.